Your international ravers guide. 


What we do is simple, we do anything in our power to help you plan a trip to one of the many electronic dance enents in our region. Whether it's finding you an accommodation, arranging transportation or even something as simple as helping you decide what pre-paid sim card suits you best.. we're here for you!


The people who represent Ravecation have a heart for electronic dance music and the events that come with it. We are young professionals who want to use our local insights,  years of expertise and valuable contacts to make the shows around us more accessible to fellow ravers who live abroad.


If you have any questions regarding a planned or yet to be planned trip to the Netherlands for a dance event please don't hestitate to send us a message. Also don't forget to check out our social media channels to keep in touch!


The latest and most important news regarding our organisation and the hottest dance events around us. 


We're on snapchat now as well to share our event experiences with you! add us by the username 'Ravecation'. 

Summer of 2017

We are working hard to plan the pre-party events for the summer, the specific dates will soon be released here on the website and on our social media.


Our photographer is almost always among us and he does his best to give you some good images to look back on. You can find your photo's on our Facebook page where you can also ask for the high definition version.